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Chook Run

With two large fox proof areas complete with 4 star house, dust bath, fresh growing greens, composting area, plenty of shade and fresh water the chooks lead a regal life giving in return wonderful golden yoked eggs


New to the farm, the table grape vines (6 varieties) are due to start fruiting next season. Rare fruit trees are now being established and the first harvest very much looked forward to


Many species of wild ducks come in to top up with seeds and fresh water and catch up with the latest gossip from the resident peacocks


BeBe, sister to Brown Cat enjoys meeting visitors, good food and Organic milk

Peacock Antics

Take the time to sit and observe the social structure and interaction of these magnificent birds

Gunea Fowls

The most hilarious of the bird life at Peacock Farm. They will have you laughing in no time


Usually born on the wettest, coldest day. With their black faces and legs they are the cutest. Some require hand feeding with a special formula fed with a bottle

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